It’s time for Data Science at Home

Let’s face it: after 85 episodes of podcast Data Science at Home I realised that listening and interacting are two different things. That’s why I created a Discord channel you can join any time and discuss the topics presented in the past episodes or to propose new ones.

The community of Data Science at Home has grown to numbers I personally did not expect. I thank all of you for trusting me with your time.
I definitely believe that connecting with the listeners of the podcast not only will improve the way I present topics but also will benefit the community with the effort I put in the show every single day.

Come and let’s chat about machine learning and artificial intelligence or the next podcast episode you would like to listen.

Join the discussion. Now.

Discord is very easy to use.

Just click here, register to Discord and start chatting with me and the other listeners.
See you there! 🤓





Managing Director @ Chief Software Engineer & Host

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Francesco Gadaleta

Francesco Gadaleta

Managing Director @ Chief Software Engineer & Host

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