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Dear Francesco,

It’s me, 25 years in the future. Can you please stop typing on that keyboard and listen? Let me give you some advice about your life. I know, it’s annoying to let people think you are a weirdo just because you don’t play the way “regular” kids do. But don’t let that stress you. Things will fall into place at some point, believe me. After all, I am writing to you from a keyboard that makes exactly the same sound of yours. That’s not to say that keyboards haven’t changed though.

You know how excited you get whenever you see a computer and you open things to look at how they are made inside, and sometimes, when you try to build them back you get some spare pieces in your hands you don’t know where they belong to, and your mum goes crazy? Keep doing that! That’s your curiosity at work. Keep breaking things, keep exploring, keep being curious towards all the things around you. One day you will have no pieces left in your hands and you will finally build it back, fully functional. Whatever it is.

However, remember that your life is not only about putting pieces together. Don’t forget that there are people around you, your friends, your family, and there will be more later on. They all love you, in their own way. Never think they don’t.I don’t have to tell you to study. I think that you study too much for a kid of your age.

Slow down!

You have your entire life for reading and studying the most fascinating things you could ever imagine. Now, it’s time to play. Play more. You don’t play enough, kid.

Sport is good but don’t just run alone on the track and field for hours, under the sun, every day.

I know that you want to break that record and beat Andrea. You will, in some years. And you will smash a number of records in athletics. But even then, remember that being the best is not the only reason to live.

Having fun is.

Have fun, Francesco! One day you will realize that if there is no fun in the things you do, they will eventually become your enemy.Learn other sports. Learn how to play football, so you will stop kicking the legs of your friends, and kick the ball more. Learn how to play tennis, or another sport where you have to interact with someone else.

You will learn more from people by playing with them.

Put time in the things that make you smile, surround yourself with people who don’t make you feel lonely, those who inspire you, and also those who don’t. Because they will teach you that life can also be flat sometimes. That’s what will make you aware of the good and the bad. Now stop typing that GW-BASIC program to make a calculator, and go out!

It’s a beautiful day.

Good luck, Francesco

Written by

Managing Director @ Chief Software Engineer & Host

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